Sweet Sweet Scotty

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Sweet Sweet Scotty

Recently, after my mother?s death, my father had remarried, and signed over his large country place over to my sister and I, so we made the decision to all move in together and share the basic expenses. It was a large 20 acre place, with manicured lawns, stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv and a large pond stocked with many varieties of fish. The home was a large, rambling farm house with high ceilings and had 5 large bedrooms, and 3 baths.

It had been recently renovated, and boasted all new appliances, and fixtures, and there was plenty of room for all of us. We even turned one of the larger bedrooms into a play room for the grand kids to have when they came to visit. One end of the house I considered mine, and she and her latest husband took the other.

I wasn?t really fond of him, but since he worked out of town during the week, the only time I ever had to deal with him was on the weekends, when I?d see him in the large kitchen and dining area that was the center of the house. He was one of these redneck type guys who was constantly raging about ?blacks and faggots?, and since I?m gay, and love a succulent black cock, I took his off the wall comments as offensive. I often wanted to tell him he didn?t have anything to worry about, because no ?faggot? would want him anyway, what with his big beer belly, and disgusting ways.

The reason I even mention him at all, is because every weekend his, 20 year old unemployed /daughter/">daughter piled in to lay up in one of the spare bedrooms, and for some reason, she chose the one on my side of the house. The only reason I tolerated this was because of her young beautiful boyfriend Scott, who also came to stay.

Scotty as he was called, was two years younger than her, and was still a senior in high school. He played baseball, and had the firm muscles and flat stomach of a young Greek god! He was easily 6? tall, with short cropped brown hair and dark cow brown eyes ringed by long dark lashes. He had a lovely happy trail of soft looking brown hair that protruded from his baggy shorts and crawled up his belly to his naval! Many times I caught myself wishing I could press my nose against it, and sniff my way up his torso to his wonderfully smooth young chest, and suck his succulent nipples! I found myself jealous of her, and thought it was a waste for him to be with her. I vowed to myself, that I would have him one day!

I had many jerk off sessions thinking about him late at night, and wondered how I?d ever be able to get him to myself. I dreamed of his cock, which I?d never seen, but imagined to be long and thick, as often is the case with tall, lanky teenage guys. Finally, the perfect opportunity presented itself, and I found myself completely alone with him one weekend.

My sister, her husband, and his lowlife daughter were taking a trip to the beach for the Memorial Day weekend. Since Scotty had a baseball game on Saturday, he couldn?t go. But to my /surprise/">surprise, he showed up that afternoon to fish, as he often liked to do when he was here. My chance had come, and I almost couldn?t believe it when he asked if he could stay over! While I prepared us a light supper, he took a shower in my bathroom, and my /cock/large-cock/">large cock throbbed just thinking about his gorgeous naked body lathered with soap in my shower!

We ate our meal, and watched a little T.V., and being tired from his game, he shortly decided to turn in for the evening. That was what I?d been waiting for, because my plan was to sneak into bed with him, and surprise him in his sleep, and open him up to a whole new experience. I wanted to take him, by force if necessary, before he knew what was happening.

Now I don?t consider myself a rapist, but I will force myself on an unwilling man if I have to! I?m always as gentle as I can be. Having had my own virginity taken brutally be my drunken Uncle when I was much younger than Scotty, I planned to be as easy as I could with my 10? long, /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock! I?d been left sore, slightly torn, and a little bloody, and I didn?t want to leave him that way. So far, though, I?ve never had a guy not come back for more!

I watched the tube for another hour and a half or so, and when I was sure he was asleep, I quietly slipped into the spare bedroom. He lay sprawled on the bed on top of the covers snoring quietly, and to my joy, he was completely naked! In the moonlight that poured through the window, I could see the pale skin of his perfect /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass, the only pale skin on his body, as the rest of it was bronzed from the hot spring sun of South Georgia. My cock grew to it?s full hardness, and I hurriedly stripped off my own clothes!

I laid the tube of lube I?d brought from my on bedroom on the night stand, and climbed quietly into bed with him. I lay beside him and began gently exploring the soft young skin of his back with my fingers, stroking him gently, relishing the tingle his hot flesh gave my fingertips.

He stirred a little as I lovingly explored the crack of his well shaped ass, and tenderly stroked his tight virgin anus, loving the feel of the curly soft hair that surrounded it. I brought my fingers to my nose, and sniffed his essence, then licked his taste from them! I just had to get my face down there, and eat him!

I straddled his long bare legs and lovingly spread apart his ass cheeks to get a look at his tight, pink little hole, wondering how this tight, virgin tunnel was ever going to take my throbbing cock! His balls were visible to my eyes, but his own cock still lay hidden under his stomach. I lowered myself, so I could gently kiss the back of his head, which was fragrant with the scent of Aussie shampoo. I kissed my way down his back, feeling his warm skin on my lips, until my face was just inches from his succulent ass.

I buried my face in it, and inhaled it?s boyish scent! It was intoxicating, a mixture of young ass and Axe body wash! My swollen cock was leaking pre cum from it?s slit! He stirred, and moaned sweetly as my tongue found his virgin man pussy, and licked it tenderly! Still he didn?t awaken.

I could wait no longer! I grabbed the lube and slicked down my massive piece of man meat, squirted a glob on his unsuspecting /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole, spread his cheeks, and as gently as possible, eased the purple head of my cock into him! He awoke then, and let out a startled cry, as another couple of inches of my cock slid into his hot canal! I expected him to struggle as I slowly slid most of myself into him, but he didn?t, only buried his face in the pillow and emitted a muffled scream, as the contracting muscles of his rectum contracted around my thick cock! Rather than trying to run from me, he raised white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie his ass up slightly, and took all but about 3? of my dick into him!

I had the urge to withdraw my cock almost all the way out of him, and plunge back into him, but instead, I just lay there on him, and in him, and let him grind his self against me. I was not really fucking him, but just filling him, and opening him. I knew form his cries, that he was in pain, but also from those same cries came the sound of pleasure. As I spilled my seed into him, filling him, I knew he was releasing his own sperm onto the cool satin bed sheets!

When my cock was empty, I pulled it from him, and licked his now gaping hole, and filled my mouth with my sperm that was dripping from him. Then I rolled him over and placed my mouth over his, and let him taste my cum. He let me do this, but balked when my tongue found his, and turned away from the kiss, and lay his arm over his face to hide the tears that I knew were there.

I left him lying there to think about what had just happened, and as I left the room for my own, told him he was welcome to pay me back if he wanted to. I felt a little guilty that I?d technically just raped him, robbing him of something he should have been given the choice to give freely, but I knew too, that he?d liked it, and was probably having many conflicting thoughts running through his mind. I hoped he?d soon make his way to my room to experience some more.

After about an hour, I heard him slip quietly into my room, and reached over and turned on the lamp on my night stand so he wouldn?t trip in the dark. I saw him from the front for the /first-time/">first time, and found out I was right about his cock! It was hard, and was a good 81/2 inches long, and thick as I had suspected! I was about to get the pay back I so richly deserved, and I didn?t want him to be gentle with me!

He crawled into my bed, and straddled me so that his own beautiful piece of meat was only inches from my face. I opened my mouth, and grabbed his tight ass, drawing him into me, and began sucking him in long deep strokes! He face fucked me as my fingers probed his still wet and newly opened anus, and soon I tasted his salty /sweet/">sweet pre cum! It was like nectar to me as it poured on my tongue! My fingers probed his what now had to be had to be sore pussy, and he began emitting, animalistic sounds, as I pulled his cock deeper in my mouth! He arched his back, and with a cry of boyish passion, shot his whopping load of cum into my mouth! It was delicious, and I sucked out every drop of him, and we collapsed together in a heated pile of man and boy flesh!

I took him in my arms and kissed him again, and this time he responded willingly, and I soon felt his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock pressed against my own! As I gazed into his dreamy, dark brown eyes, he told me he didn?t know what I?d done to him, telling me I?d changed him forever. He poutingly told me he was mad with me, and I suggested he punish me for it!

I rolled over on my belly, and wriggled my own firm ass, inviting him to take his revenge! I spread myself wide for him while he lubed his cock hoping he?d play with my horny man pussy before taking me! But instead, he lined his thick piece of steel up with my dry, but eager opening, and shoved it into me, causing me to yelp like a bitch! The pain was intense at first, but being somewhat of an old whore, I knew I would soon ease up, and I enjoyed his deep hard thrusts!

His thickness was rubbing my prostate, and I knew I?d be shooting a wad of cum on my own sheets. He fucked me harder and harder, and even caused me to cry out several times! I guess payback?s a bitch! Soon he thrust his cock deep into me, and as he filled my pussy with his hot sperm, I shot my own load on my clean bed sheets! Even though his cock was empty, it was still quite hard, and he gave me several more hard thrusts, causing my own sore hole to make wet sucking sounds! We collapsed again together, and neither of us smelled quite as fresh as we had to start with. His boyish sweet smell had been replaced by that of a young man covered in sweat! I still found it intoxicating, and breathed it deeply as we clung together for the rest of that night.

We slept soundly, arm in arm, and my dreams were of a boy who became a man. All the next day, we took each other, him an apprentice, and me the /master/">master! He learned to take all my 10? cock, and tried to suck it several times, though he was a little rough with his teeth at first, he learned to love the taste of my /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-his-mouth/">cum in his mouth, and liked the taste of ass on his tongue.

He eventually broke up with the little slut, and comes to visit often. He still likes to fish, and he loves to cast his pole in my pond!