Nerds Make The Best Lovers

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Nerds Make The Best Lovers

Reid is gorgeous. If gorgeous to you is chocolate brown eyes that screamed mischievous with a side of innocence. His short brown hair which he wore sometimes gelled, complemented his slightly tan skin. Reid is 5'9" and always ready with some useless fact about anything under the sun. He recently got glasses which only adds to his nerdish appeal.

Reid and i met in college where he was studying engineering and i focused on Criminology. He wasn't a frat boy or mean to pompous ass, which set my heart ablaze. He would rather take apart a computer and put it back together rather than doing keg stands. I can't hold any type of alcohol to save my life so we were kind of the only sober losers on campus. I saw his shaggy head bent down over a book in the library and decided that was my chance. I asked him to help me find a book and ever since then he's been the best thing to happen to me since coffee and a nice true crime book.

We are out of school and living together and both 23. I'm older by three months.

I know what the stereotype against "nerdy" guys is. They can't fuck for shit, and i am here to debunk that rumor. The Reid and i slept together i needed a cigarette and i didn't even smoke. His ruffled hair and claw marks on his back showed he was satisfied and my lack of ability to breathe or form a sentence pretty much put my mind to rest about nerds and their abilities.

He was coming home tonight around 6 so i did my best to be all primped and pretty for him. He had a promotion in his future. At least we hoped he did. His car pulled into the driveway and i took my place.

He opened the door and up his coat, i could see he was tired. I sat in the living room in the dark, dressed in heels and one of his white dress shirts and a scrap of underwear. I waited patiently on the couch for him to notice me.

"Autumn? Are you home?...Auto you wouldn't believe what happened."

Auto is his nickname for me, which i loved.

Reid turned on the light and there i sat, my long mocha brown hair in pigtails and i could tell my blue/gray eyes burned with desire for him. I suddenly feared for his safety. I might fuck him to death. He looked so irresistible in his suit and tie and short hair and glasses.

His jaw dropped as did his keys. Something else rose however. I got up and strutted over to him real forced anal against her will and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Hey stud. Got plans for the night?" I whispered in his ear.

His hands roamed up from my thighs and over my lace covered ass up to to the back of my head. He tilted my head back and looked at me.

"You look a-amazing." He stuttered. Jackpot.

"You should see how i feel." Earlier today i got a wax, and while it hurt like a bitch, he was going to love it.

I grabbed his head and kissed him. Hard. My tongue found his and i moaned ever so softly. I grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him to me. I was going to die if i didn't have him.

I pulled away and unbuttoned the shirt to slowly reveal a lacey bra to match my skimpy underwear. His eyes almost fell out of his head.
I took his hand and led him to our bedroom.

"Come on handsome." I teased. He almost ran me over to get there first. I kicked the door shut and he almost had a heart attack trying to take off his clothes. I moved his hands away. It was my turn to play.

"Uh-uh, i want to do that." I said in my most seductive voice.

I pushed him on the bed, undid his tie and ripped his shirt open. I felt bad, but he didn't care. Next came the belt, almost teasingly slow. I left his pants on and he layed there shirtless. He was not scrawny and pale like you might think. He had muscles, definition. I was almost drooling at the sight of him.

I straddled him and put my chest right above his mouth and pinned his arms over his head. I took his glasses off, careful not to squish them with my D cups.

"Baby you are killing me." He wheezed.

I bent his head and licked his neck. He moaned and i knew that was my cue. I ground myself onto his dick mostly because i couldn't wait to get him inside me. I pulled his zipper down and pulled his pants off. His boner could have been seen by a blind person. His blue plaid boxers, while they were , they had to go. Reid was laying there in all his glory. I softly grabbed his dick and began messaging up and down. He was wet so it made it easy. With each moan and small grunt he gave i went a bit faster and harder. When he closed his eyes i let my tongue graze the tip. He nearly jumped off the bed. I kissed all the way down his cock and ran my tongue along the side. I took his dick into my mouth and let my tongue do the work. My hand started rocking back and fourth, all while my tongue never left his dick.

"F-f-uckkk" he managed through clenched teeth. "Holy fuck Autumn. Don't stop, please" he begged.

I pumped and sucked and licked and kissed his dick all over. If i kept it up he was going to come and i wasn't ready for that. I got up and hovered my breasts over his mouth. I sat up and unhooked the bra and my chest was bare, as i brought my nipple to his mouth we both looked at each other as if, if we didn't have each other soon one of us might perish. He kissed me softly and then his tongue snaked out and licked my nipple, making it instantly go hard. He sucked, and i grabbed the back of his hair signaling him to go harder. He got the hint.

"Oh God Reid, yeahhhh" i said.

His hands roamed my back and ass and he switched to the other breast. He licked and played until i thought i would pass out. He then surprised me and flipped me so i was on the bottom now. He slid off my black lace panties and parted my legs. His face looked like he had seen angels. Which quickly changed to a devilish expression. He kissed my neck and trailed down my stomach, stopping to look at me which made me quiver. He gently touched my pussy and i almost lost it.

I was wet so him putting a finger into me felt like Heaven. I gasped and grabbed his shoulders.

"Please baby," I struggled to say.

"What baby? What do you want? Tell me." He said.

Just as i was about to smack him in the head he put another finger in and started going to town. He used one hand to finger me and the other to play with my clit. I covered my eyes and got lost in how good it felt. I felt his tongue replace his fingers, and glide from my pussy to my clit.

"Mmmm baby you taste as good as you look." He said, drunk off of the need to fuck.

He fingered my nice bare, pink pussy while sucking on my clit. Making me moan and grind onto his face. He tongue fucked me which prompted me to grab the back of his head and push harder. I didn't want to come like this so against all my will i had him stop. He looked sad.

I grabbed his hips and positioned him above me.

"Go slow." I whispered.

"Of course my love." He whispered in my ear.

He ever so slowly slid into me until i could swear i could feel him in my throat. I grabbed his head and kissed him, biting his lower lip and moaning almost in a primal growl.

"Mmmm Reid don't stop." I heard myself say.

He pulled out even slower and pushed in deeper. This continued until i felt a switch being flipped inside me.

"Faster. Harder." I said between moans.

He obliged. He drove into me and looked at me. I couldn't open my mouth for fear of shouting his name. He pounded me good and fast.

The next thing i knew my legs were resting on his shoulders. Which as anyone knows, feels amazing. His dick was big and rock hard. I got lost in the until his voice brought me back to earth.

"You like it baby? Tell me. Say it Autumn" He prompted.

"Yes, fuucckk please don't stop." I panted.

"I won't. I promise." He vowed.

He gritted his teeth and fucked harder, if that was possible.

I needed to go on top. Like a matter of life and death. He agreed.

I straddled him and slowly sank down onto his cock. I moaned out of pure pleasure. I kissed his lips and let my tongue linger. He grabbed the back of my head and brought my forehead to his and said in this deep voice i almost didn't recognize:

"Are you gunna come on my cock baby?"

"Y-yess" I nearly screamed.

"Yeah? You want to? Come all over my dick until i feel you convulse and come so hard you can't speak?" That was the hottest thing Reid had ever said!

"O-oohh God yeah."

". Now ride it." He commanded.

I slowed down and he brought my breast to his mouth and sucked, gently at first and then he was nipping and licking. I was a goner. I pleaded to him:

"Reiddd don't stop, do not st--" I said barely audible.

"I'm not stopping" He assured me.

I rode his dick ever so slowly and he continued sucking my nipple. I grabbed the back of his head and shut my eyes and saw stars. He held my lower back and drove into me all while playing with my chest.

"Holyfuckdon'tstopbabypleaseeeedon'tstop." I rambled.

I rode out the most intense orgasm i had ever had and let go of his hair. Poor kid probably had a bald spot i pulled so hard. Oops.
I laid my head on his chest and breathed so heavy i thought i would pass out.

"You ok?" He asked.

I pulled my head up and looked at him. He was so considerate and amazing and still hard inside me. I decided to talk feelings later, right now i wanted him behind me.

"Behind me. Now." I ordered.

"Ohh yes ma'am." He said.

I was on all fours in our queen size bed. I felt him slide into me and go slow. He moaned my name and grabbed my hips and started going a little faster and harder. That's when my pirate mouth took hold and i couldn't stop.

"Oh God Reid, fuck me. Harder, push baby, go, mmmmm." I almost grunted.

He xnxxv sunny leone video fucked me and good. Drilling in and out, harder and faster. I felt his hands claw my back. He then grabbed my hair and pulled gently, which i always loved. A growl came from him, or maybe it was me, I couldn't tell. He just kept at it. Most guys would have busted, but not my guy. He had stamina. He was spouting his own fountain of bad words while i was thinking about how long he could go on like this.

"F-f-uckking God. Autumn, baby, i'm goi-- I hav-- to come." He nearly shouted. The neighbors must think we are making a porn. Fuck the neighbors.

"Yes baby, that's it, go." I encouraged him.

He until his hands grabbed my shoulders and i felt him spasm inside me. He slowed down but still was fucking. He slowly pulled out and we both collapsed. When he caught his breath he pulled me into his side. My favorite place in the world. His arm enveloped me and i curled up next to him. Hair going in every direction, claw marks on his shoulders and his chest breathing heavy. I must have looked worse. He pulled the covers up and we lay there, slowly falling back to earth. He looked at me, his brown eyes dilated so much they looked like dinner plates.

I started to drift off to sleep and i could tell he was not far behind. We would sleep like babies tonight. That was by far of my life.

A few hours later i awoke and was ready for round two, but i needed a cold shower, or hot one depending if he would come with me. I kissed his bare chest all the way down to his belly button and he finally woke up.

"Hello gorgeous." He said in a sleepy voice.

"I'm dirty." I stated.

"So go shower?" He said.

"Yes, honey i know that...but i need help washing my back." I said innocently.

He caught on fast and whipped the covers off and trailed me into the bathroom and shut the door behind us. After we were done ravishing each other for a second, possibly a third time later in the night i'm going to challenge him to Mario Kart. Maybe strip Mario Kart.