How can I help you

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How can I help you

The door bell rang as Anna went to grab a robe. It rang a second time and she rushed to the door, when she opened it there stood a tall, well built man in his mid twenties with short hair and dreamy blue eyes. She looked at him for a second and stared at his budging pecs and noticeably large biceps. He cleared his throat in a /sweet/">sweet way as she awoke from her trance she stepped aside and let him in.

" What seems to be the problem maam?" Jim asked with his smooth southern accent.

She replied saying, "I just bought this house and the kitchen sink keeps leaking."
"Well Ill take a look," he said as he followed her to the kitchen and got under the sink.

While fiddling around under the sink she stared at a recognizable bulge at his crotch. She knelt down near him and he stuck his hand out reaching for the tool box. She moved forward and his hand slipped straight into her boobs.
"Clunk" the sound made as his head it the pipes.

"Oh my God," she shouted as she ran to the freezer to get ice.

As she walked over to him where he began to sit down in a near bye chair she looked at the bruise on his forehead and placed the ice on it. She knelt down and stared into his eyes.....

After about a minute she slowly crept in for a kiss. His soft, passionate lips made her feel wonderful. Then she grabbed at his button up shirt and started taking it off. There revealed was a sexy set of huge semi hairy pecs and a rock hard 8 pack.
"Fuck" she cried as he tore off her robe revealing firm boobs and a skinny body and a hairless pussy. He knelt forward and kissed her nipples one by one.

"mmmm," he moaned as he left his lips on her tits.

He placed his hands on her stomach and slid down to her pussy. As he tickled it she giggled and unzipped hies pants and pulled out a firm, thick 8 inch dick. She smiled in delight as he picked her up and placed her on his cock.
"maybe well be comfier in the bed," she whispered in his ear. He smiled and lefted her and continued thrusting as he found the king bed in her bedroom.

He lay her on her back and continue fucking her.
"My ass!" she yelled as he pulled out his cock and shoved i into indian santali xvideo her /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass.
"you like that sweet heart?" he soothingly asked

"Hell yeah," she cried as he kept on thrusting. She then put her hands on her hips and pushed off and crawled to his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock and pressed her lips on the thick head. alain lyle porn She slowly started eating it up as he yelled,"Im coming babe!" The sperm flowed out and oozed out of her mouth onto the bed.

Once the load was out he got up and walked her to the bathroom and they hopped into the shower.

"Oh, I hope you dont mind, my husband will be home in an hour..." Anna said.
"Will he mind meeting me?" he asked as he squeezed her ass.

"You might intimidate his skinny prick, "she added, But I want to see his face!"