My first ever kiss

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
My first ever kiss

Rayan is a handsome luking stud in my neighbour. i had a crush on him since i was 18. but soon i came to know that he is a big cassinova and my love turned into hatred. he often comes to our house as my /dad/">dad gives him tutions. he has started showing some abnormal intrest in me. that bloddy rascals tries everything to talk to me. my freind joya is his collegemate. she told me that he likes me. but i dont beleive her . that cassinova can never be serious about ny girl.

today he came to invite us to the christmas /party/">party in his house . /dad/mom-dad/">mom dad agreed but i refused."u have some problem ? even joya is coming and i have orderd ur favourite cake from bakery /santa/">santa" he said
"i hate cake and bakery santa is the worst bakery in this town , better luk nxt time"
"shut up i know u like stuff from bakery santa, joya told me that u and joya often go there in weekends. u r coming tonight and thats final"

how dare he force me i m not going come wat may ill boycot this even more feircly .
/dad/mom-dad/mom-and-dad/">mom and dad got ready in the evening
"laila arent u coming ? ray gave u a special invitation"
"no /mom/">mom i m not well and i have my /college/">college assignment to complete"
my god wat an impact this guy has on my parents.

after they left i switched to my favourite music , wore my shorts and t shirt and started grooving . 5 minutes later my door bell rang and i stoped dancing , ithought mom must have forgot her wallet. i ran and opened the door.
" so u r not well and have u got a dancing assignment in ur college?"
asked rayan as he dashed in.
"that is none of ur full hd xvideo download buisness"
"of course it is, y did u not cum. get ready i m here to take u"
"get lost i hate u, u playboy , u think i m the next dish in ur plate ,no buddy no dont ven think that in ur dreams'
"what i guess there is some serious misunderstanding. i free porn movies download love you seriously. ok i did not tell u but i was going to propose u today"
"and u think i will believe u"

i kept on shouting on him and he kept on listening untill he lost his patience and held my hand and pushed towards the wall . he held my waist and planted a kiss on my neck. i resisted. he sripped me of my t shirt and licked my belly button. he kissed my waist. he got up to kiss my chest, even on my great resistance he unhooked my bra and started sucking my left nipple. i felt something wet on both my boobs. it was not his saliva , they were his tears. " i dont know how to tell u but since i found out that u had a serious crush on me i fell 4 u, i have changed laila only 4 u" he left me ,said sorry and went to sat on the sofa. i did not dress my self back indeed i went in front of him. he was crying badly"i m sorry laila i did this but i wanted to tell u that i love you more than nything in this world and i cant live without u , i hate myself wen u call me a playboy" he wanted to say more but i locked his lips with mine.

i took his hands and placed them on my breast and gave him a tight kiss. before he cud understand nything i flushed my tounge in his mouth to give him a /kissing/french-kiss/">french kiss.he to responded and started fondling with my boobs. we kissed for 15 mins and developed sores on our lips. he selected a dress 4 me and dressed me up. he hooked my bra. slided up my panties and tied the knots of my dress. he kissed me everywhere while doing this.i applied lipstick to hide my wounds . we went inside his car. he drove with one hand and with the other he rubbed my thighs. i got a bit more naughty and caught hold of his dick as i slided my hand in his jeans.

i took it out and kissed its red head but did not suck it,it would have spoiled my lipstick. then finally we reached his home where we had sex. the story at his house will come next. well for the information of my readers. rayan and i got married an year later and today we are blessed with a happy married life.