Professor Jay gets hard for his students

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Professor Jay gets hard for his students

Jay is a professor at a college. He is a very handsome man. Some would say he had devilish good looks. Jay makes a good salary at the college and he has a beautiful wife and daughter at home. Jay loves his job. He is really good at it and pushes himself everyday to be the best teacher he possibly can be. However there is one thing Jay gets embarrassed about when teaching his classes. The problem is Jays cock gets really hard during lecture. The reason for this of course is all the sweet tittied, supple assed girls sitting in the desks, open mouthed and bright eyed, enthralled by his lectures and giggling at his stories and jokes. To Jay it really doesn’t matter what type of women are in his classroom. He finds many different things about women attractive. Jay finds it hard to concentrate on lecturing with so many /women/sexy-women/">sexy women with their eyes glued on him. Thank god for his podium. His cock can get all stiff and juicy with hopefully no one seeing or noticing.

Even though Jay tries his best to hide his growing plump cock during his classes, the girls in Jay’s class know that he’s hard behind that podium. The girls in his class know what they do of course. They giggle and blush together after class about Jay getting hard in his jeans. They whisper about how fine his /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass looks when he is writing on the board. Jay tries VERY hard to stay professional. He keeps a serious face when some hot number is asking him a question. He keeps his office door open when there is a woman student asking him advice on a paper. Jay tries VERY hard to not get hard. Some days are much more difficult then others.

The other day Jay woke up particularly horny. Being late for class Jay had no time to masturbate in the shower. Jay’s wife was sleeping and he didn’t have the time to roll her over and give it to her from behind like he liked to do so much. So Jay kissed her on her sweet sleepy lips and went on his way to school. Jay knew that today was going to be a podium day for sure.

Walking into school Jay had his first encounter with a female student of his named Josie. Josie is 18, fresh out of high school and cuter then fuck. Not only is she cute but she is very smart as well and had that unaware sexiness that is just so refreshing and attractive. ’Hey Jay!’ Josie yelled out to him. ’Hey Josie, how are you?’ Josie walked confidently over to him; she had on a tight white shirt with no bra. The first thing Jay noticed was Josie’s pert, perfectly round, brown nipples poking out from her practically see-through shirt. ’Oh god’ Jay thought to himself. ’Don’t look!’ Josie seemed to not notice that her nipples are getting harder and juicer as she is talking to him. Jay can feel his face turn red as he tries with all his might to concentrate on what Josie is saying and to not get fully erect as he allows himself a moment to imagine pulling that tight shirt up and over Josie’s luscious tits ’ her titties would fall out of course. One round creamy globe at a time. He would bend down and after catching each round tit in his hands he would fill his mouth with each nipple. First the right and then the left. He would lap like a cat on those hard, aroused nipples growing seductively plumper so close to his wanting mouth. Would she like my hot tongue lapping roughly on those nipples? Would she like my lips engulfing each nipple and sucking hard pulling each one deeper into my hot mouth? Would she groan or whimper? Would she put her hands through my hair and grind my face into those tits until they are covered in my sticky saliva? ... Man, Jay had to get away from Josie and quick! ’Uh’ Josie, I have to get to class ’ sorry.’

Jay quickly walked away trying to pull his shirt down over his growing bulge. ’Oh no’’ Jay thought as another female student, Beth, was coming his way. Beth has the most amazing tits that Jay had ever seen. They were these beautiful, round, plump, large tits that jiggled like they just didn’t want to quit. Beth always wears low cut shirts. Nothing too provocative but low enough just to the point where you can see that beautiful deep cleavage that has sent Jay more then once into a hot and horny place during one of his lectures. ’Jay, got a second?’ Beth said as she kind of jogged his way. ’Oh please don’t do that’ Jay thought as Beth’s beautiful tits swayed back and forth with weight. Jay put on a smile and said ’Sure thing. What can I do you for?’ Beth giggled and started asking a question about a test. Jay looked from her pretty, freckled face, down her long beautiful neck and then couldn’t help but plunged his eyes deep into that beautiful cleavage and imagine tit fucking Beth. Man he could picture it now. Climbing on top of her beautiful, naked, responsive body, and straddling that little rib cage ’ he would take each round, luscious, creamy tit ’ one in each hand as he slipped his juicy, /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock between Beth’s titties pushed together. Beth would receive his swollen cock head in her mouth of course. And the wetter her little, hot mouth got, the slipperier his cock would get until Jay was just full out fucking her tits. Watching his cock slip and slide through those tits ’ pushing her tits together so tight that her nipples were actually being rubbed into pleasure by the rhythmic fucking of his pumping prick. Beth would moan and whisper ’Cumm in my mouth Jay ’ I want to feel that hot cumm spurt in my mouth and all over my tongue ’ I want to taste you Jay’ at that moment he would shoot hot cumm from his convulsing orgasmic cock into Beth’s wet, wide, hungry mouth. Jay shook his head snapping out of it and stammered out ’Uh’ yeah. Sounds fine. Sure’ as he backed away from a knowing, smiling Beth. ’Bye Jay’ Beth said with her little sexy smile as she walked away, titties bouncing.

Jay HAD to get to his office. Anything to hide this huge erection that was poking into his jeans. Jay had a really large, juicy, /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock. Well at least that is what he’s heard from the women in his life he had given it to. Some women have even gasped when they have reached into his jeans and taken his cock out. He knew his prick was a good one ’ but did he want the whole school to know about his cock too? He had to get to his office and calm down.

Once in his office Jay sat down and sighed. He covered his face with his hands and breathed deep. Counting to 20 Jay finally relaxed and began to look at the mess of papers to grade in his office. He had class in about 10 minutes and didn’t feel like getting started on anything that he would have to leave behind. He decided to check his schedule and see what meetings he had for the day. There was a light rap at his open door. Jay looked up to see Gretchen. ’Please God NOOOO!’ Jay thought to himself in a panic. Gretchen was one of Jay’s older students. She was probably 28. There were two words to describe Gretchen ’ foxy and fine. She was just so beautiful and luscious. Jay had studied her a few times from a far and had come to the conclusion that he REALLY liked her ass. Another thing Jay really liked was up-close Gretchen has this really sexy musky natural smell. Jay really loved it when Gretchen walked by him in the hall because she left this amazing scent behind. It was the smell of a /pussy/fresh-pussy/">fresh pussy recently fucked. Man it drove Jay crazy!!

Jay’s office instantly filled with her musky smell. It was heady. ’Hey Jay, I was wondering’’ Just at that moment Jay dropped his schedule on the floor where it floated lightly behind Gretchen’s feet. Before Jay could get up to get it Gretchen bent over to get it for bokep sma pecah perawan him. That was all Jay needed. Her soft, perfectly curved, supple, tight ass was BAM! right there in his face ’ perfectly level to his mouth. Man Jay just wanted to rip those jeans off of Gretchen’s body. He wanted to /spanking/ass-spanking/spank-her-ass/">spank her ass hard and then spread those luscious ass cheeks and /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-her-ass/">fuck her ass hole with his wet, hot tongue. While Jay fucked her with his tongue he wanted to take his two thickest fingers and work them deep inside that beautiful smelling pussy. He wanted to finger fuck her deep in her juices and tongue fuck her at the same time until she was groaning and cumming so hard that cream dripped in tasty gobs down those long stems of hers. ’Here Jay’ Gretchen said as she handed him his schedule. Jay was rock hard. He thought he was going to explode in his jeans. He knew he couldn’t get up with this erection in front of a student so he asked Gretchen to hand him a book near her. She turned to get it for him and Jay got one more look at that ass. Sometimes when Jay saw Gretchen and her ass walking he couldn’t help but think what it would look like if Gretchen was riding him while she was facing his feet so he could just have a beautiful view of that ass working him over. What would it look like to see her pumping him? ’ Slipping his hard cock into her tight, /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy as her ass just sinks all the way down and then all the way up and then all the way down again until he just can’t take anymore and is grabbing her hips and rocking her hard and harder as he drives his cock deep, deeper until his hot cumm explodes filling her pussy hole again and again until she is so full that his cumm is dripping from her pussy down his hard shaft. ’Oh man ’ listen I really can’t talk now Gretchen’ Jay squeaked. ’Oh, ok ’ I’ll come back later’ Gretchen said while walking out swinging her ass and hips as she does.

Jay was in a panic. One minute till class and he is about to cumm gobs in his jeans. Calm’ calm ’ relax ’ breathe ’ think of anything ’ farming ’ annoying co-workers ’ mountain lions’ ahhhhh (deep breath). Jay felt better.

Jay felt even better as he walked to class. He was a few minutes late so the halls were empty and he was able to relax. He knew he had to get it together because he knew what this particular class held. Lisa and Emily. Two girls that sat in the front row at the same desk together. Lisa and Emily were like two peas in a pod and frickin’ beautiful and sexy to boot. Jay always thought they had cute bodies and personalities to match ’ but what Jay really liked about them was they both had these amazing soft, supple, pouty, sexy lips. Before Jay walked into the classroom in ’all business mode’ he took a deep breath and relaxed his shoulders, but as soon as he walked in Jay quickly realized he was screwed because simultaneously Lisa and Emily who were giggling, both turned to face him with their pouty lips all naturally red, open, swollen and luscious.

Jay stood where he was in the classroom doorway and allowed himself a moment to imagine what he would do to those lips. God ’ Lisa and Emily on their knees in front of me ’ both with their lips licked wet and softly closed ’ Emily grabs my heavy, full sack and vibrates it in the palm of her hand as my cock grows longer, thicker and bigger. I put the head of my hard cock with pre-cumm slipping from my slit up against Emily’s closed lips ’ I grab her hair and push my hard cock through those luscious lips and deep, deep, deeper to the back of her throat where she moans ’ man I want to cumm so bad already, but Lisa is looking at me with her wide innocent eyes. ’You want me to fuck your mouth Lisa?’ Lisa nods. ’Tell me you want me to fuck those lips of yours’, ’Fuck my lips Jay ’ please fuck my lips’. I would then take my long, wet cock slowly out of Emily’s hot little mouth and put the head of my cock against Lisa’s lips. She opens her mouth and I pull away. She looks disappointed so I tell her ’Lisa, you wait for me to fuck your mouth OK?’ Lisa nods and looks at me with those innocent eyes. I put my cock head now with pre-cumm dripping from my slit up against her closed lips and just push the tip of my prick into those pouty lips. ’You can lick my cock head ’ just the head though.’ Lisa obeys. She is licking my cock head like a lollipop ’ my god but it feels like heaven. Emily whimpers. ’You want some of this cock don’t you Emily?’ Emily nods ’yes’ and whimpers again. Emily’s hungry eyes are watching Lisa licking my cock. ’How bad do you want to taste this cock?’ Emily looks at me with want all over her face ’I want it bad Jay.’ ’Yes but how bad?’ I ask. ’Jay I want to suck your cock so bad’. I would then take turns fucking Emily’s lips and then shoving my cock all the way deep into Lisa’s throat ’ so deep I can see my cock moving in her neck ’ and then into Emily’s throat and then Lisa’s until I am shooting hot cumm all over their open mouths and lips and they are licking themselves clean and then taking turns sucking the last of my cumm out of my prick ’ every last drop.

Jay ran to the podium. Lisa and Emily smiled at each other knowingly. Jay wanted to bash his head against the wall. Anything to get his mind focused and on the job at hand. Class got started and although painful on many different levels, eventually it was finally over. Jay did not old waman xxxgx leave the podium once. Lisa and Emily walked seductively from the classroom with a little wiggle in their asses and a sly wave to Jay as they disappeared out the classroom door.

Jay couldn’t take it anymore and ran out of the school to his car and drove the short distance home. Jay ran into his house like a man possessed. ’Oh’hi! What are you doing home?’ Jay’s wife asked surprised. Jay is standing in the doorway looking at his wife at the kitchen sink. ’You want to eat my cumm don’t you?’ Jay said darkly. ’What? What are you talking about?’ Jay looked at his wife and walked up to her and grabbed her. She was wearing a skirt and Jay put his hands on the inside of her thighs and moved his hands all the way up to that juicy pussy he loved to fuck. ’I said you want to eat my cumm don’t you?’ Jay said again ’ his eye lids were half closed, heavy with need. ’Yes ’ I love to eat your cumm Jay’ his wife whispered ’How bad do you want to eat my cumm?’ Jay asked. Now his hand was in her panties and his fingers were circling his wife’s pussy hole making it wetter and juicer and very aroused.

He flicked her clit a few times and she gasped. ’I want to eat your cumm ’ real bad ’ just don’t stop touching my clit Jay ’ don’t stop’ She whispered again her eyes closing and breath coming quicker as Jays fingers became more insistent on his wife’s soft, wet clit. ’You want to suck on my cock don’t you?’ Jay whispered as his other hand went to his wife’s hair. ’Yes I want to suck on your cock ’ I want you to fuck my mouth hard and deep’ Jay’s wife answered. ’What about this cock of mine?’ Jay asked as he took a handful of her hair and grabbed her head back exposing her neck that he licked from her supple cleavage all the way up to her ear where he slowly began to fuck her ear with his wet, thick, tongue. ’You have an amazing cock. Juicy ’ plump ’ beautiful. I want to feel your cock so bad ’ I ’ I’m going to cumm Jay. Don’t stop I ’I ’I’m going to cream so hard. Don’t stop rubbing my clit Jay. I’m cumming ’ oh I am cumming so hard.’ Jay’s wife said as she began to shake and convulse and squirt pussy juice all over Jay’s fingers. Jay slipped his fingers from his wife’s swollen clit and slid them deep into her /pussy/pussy-hole/tight-pussy-hole/">tight pussy hole. She groaned. She looked wild and sexy. Jay took his hand from his wife’s /wet/wet-panties/">wet panties and made her lick her cream off of his fingers. Jay turned her around and in one swift movement lifted up her skirt and pulled down her wet panties, took out his rock hard, bursting cock, spread her legs and pushed his cock deep into her pulsing pussy. Jay’s wife moaned uncontrollably and Jays eyes shut tight as pleasure exploded all over his body ’.

Later that night Jay spends time grading papers and finishing up projects, not realizing that as Josie, Beth, Gretchen, Lisa and Emily got into their beds that night they undressed themselves slowly and with closed eyes imagine it is Jay that is undressing them ’ and as they slowly spread their limbs and moved their hands over their taught breasts, pinching their nipples into erect pleasure they imagined it is Jay who was touching them ’ and as their fingers move down to spread their pussy lips wide exposing their juicy swollen clits they imagined it is Jay who is slowly rub, rub, rubbing their clits into orgasmic convulsions in the dark ’ and as each one then cuddles up to their pillow falling deep into sleep, it is sleep filled with sexually drenched dreams of their favorite professor, Jay.